What Year will R22 be Phased Out?

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Want to leran more about what year will R22 be phased out? R22 (Freon) is a refrigerant that has been used for many years. It was first introduced as an alternative to CFCs that were being phased out at the time. While it solved this problem, it created a bigger one in the long run. R22 is now being phased out from being produced, which means that in the future it will only be available in a secondary market.

In 2010, the production and import of R22 were further limited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Because R-22 depletes the ozone layer, the production, and import of this refrigerant was further limited in 2010. This is because of concerns about the effects of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) on the Earth’s ozone layer, which protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays.

EPA phased out R22

R22 is a refrigerant used in older refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The EPA phased out R22 over several years, with the last phase-out date being January 1st, 2020 which means companies cannot produce or import it anymore. 

What happens after 2020?

This doesn’t mean you can’t still use your R22 system after 2020, you’ll just have to find a reputable supplier for the refrigerant, like Absolute Refrigerants. Absolute Refrigerants is one of the largest independent suppliers of R22 in Arizona. They can provide you with a quote for your R22 needs, as well as advice on how best to manage your current cooling system and any future maintenance requirements.

Over the next several years, less and less R22 will be available.

Refrigerant R22 is being phased out of production. This refrigerant was used in many residential and commercial air conditioning systems.

As the supply of R22 dwindles, many manufacturers have begun to phase out their use of this refrigerant. In some cases, a new system may be needed to replace an older one that uses R22.

R22 will be available because manufacturers

Over the next several years, less and less R22 will be available because manufacturers have already stopped production of new air conditioners and heat pumps that use R-22 refrigerant. This means that as the years go on there will be less supply available for service technicians to refill your AC unit if it needs servicing or repairing.

Recycled R22 is still allowed

The use of recycled R22 is still allowed, so if you have a system that uses R22 currently, you will still be able to get service up through 2030. However, there are some new regulations in place to ensure that recycled R22 is safe for your system.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has implemented two new regulations that affect the use of recycled R22. The first regulation states that any company that sells or distributes refrigerant must be certified by the EPA. This helps ensure safety and quality control in the process of recycling and reusing refrigerant. The second regulation requires all companies that sell or distribute refrigerant to have an EPA-approved recovery program in place.

Our Trainbed & Certified Professionals

This means that every single person involved with the process of recycling and reusing refrigerant must be trained and certified by the EPA before starting work on any project involving this type of refrigerant. When you buy from Absolute Refrigerants you have the confidence that they are implementing this training and certification to its buyers, making sure they are informed, safe, and technically prepared!


R22, a common refrigerant for air conditioning systems, is not longer been produced since January 1st, 2020, implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, there are still ways to get your hands on R-22 if you need it for maintenance purposes until 2030. If you need any assistance with finding this refrigerant or alternatives, please contact Absolute Refrigerant today!